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Meet Us

We are only a small team but that is what we love. You can be sure that when you need to talk to us, or send us a message, you won't have to go through who you are and what you do each time, we will remember you!

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I have been designing and building websites since 2009 and as a self-confessed learning addict and Geek, I have done quite a few qualifications that help me with what I love to do! I have always got a diploma or certificate on the go!

Loves: Dogs, sunshine, familypies

Does not love: Mess, Rain, Mushrooms (allergy) & Horror films

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I am more of a silent type. I do all of the in-house admin, social media posts for FeatheredWeb, Photoshop for our clients, and Printing template designing.

Loves: Coffee, running, pickled onion Monster Munch and anything spicy

Does not love: Orange juice, slugs, snow & slow wi-fi



I'm the Happiness Consultant. (Mental health is important!

I am here to keep the spirits up and spread the love and the fur. I'm always asking for a cuddle and it's good to get the humans away from the desk for a few minutes for a quick game of ball (Exercise is good too)

Loves: Gravy bones, destroying toys, cuddles and carrots

Does not love: Loud noises, having a bath, the wind and being ignored