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Another live site! 🤩

We're proud to introduce to you another new site!

Gemini Trade Furniture Ltd are based in the North West and provide services to Builders, Architects, Fitters, Joiners, Plumbers etc. and wanted a site to spread the word after a sudden growth in enquiries from clients requesting quotes and booking visits due to the continuation of building work through Coronavirus.

This was a full package - Website Design and Build, Social Media pages created and designed, Logo design, Colour Scheme and help with their Printing Design and supply too.

They needed a site to explain their services, how it works, what the client gets and how they are there to help them and make life a little easier. They will measure, plan and design the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, home office, entertainment unit or any room that requires furniture.

Their Clients will then receive detailed plans, CAD images and a 3D walk through of the room (This is super Cool 😎) and once agreed the furniture will be supplied, rigid-built and ready to be fitted.

After meeting and chatting to Gemini Trade Furniture Ltd we realise that this is actually a pretty awesome service! They have over 26 years experience in the KBB industry so that's what they are amazing at and with the furniture arriving fully assembled it must take a lot of stress away from the fitters and project managers and save a ton of time - Just put it in place and fit it! No assembly required!

We loved doing this site and had to make sure we had enough visuals there to keep it engaging but keep it as straight forward as possible to explain the services available and encourage visitors to get in touch if they're interested in working with Gemini Trade Furniture Ltd

Thank you for your custom, it was a pleasure working with you and we wish you all the success you deserve for the future. We will continue to work together as the company grows and evolves but, for now, here is a sneak peek at the home page 😉

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