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I can't afford a website ... I'm a startup! 😔

This seems to be a very common statement we hear all too often and, to be honest with you all, it's upsetting to hear.

It is hard enough being a start-up business and there is enough to worry about, plan for, prepare for and pay for so why does a website become the thing that gets knocked off the to-do list in favour of other things?

There is a common preconception that websites are expensive, they take months to build and cost thousands of pounds and whilst this may be case with some design companies - We're not all like that!

Here at FeatheredWeb Design we pride ourselves in how we work and we love nothing more than helping a small business, start-up business or even your local 'one man band' get the online presence they deserve and need to get their business the much needed visibility and we can also help you when it comes to deciding the best social media platforms for your business and help you get your social media accounts and pages set up too.

We are very competitive with our pricing as it isn't just about the money - it's about the pride we get knowing we have helped an independent business take a leap in to the digital world where they can grow their business.

We know the struggles as we have been there and helped a lot of small businesses get their website designed and up & running, and none of those clients have ever looked back.

We aren't just in it at the beginning, we will be with you every step of the way and as your business grows we will be there to help your digital business grow too. We can keep updating your website to reflect your growth and give you ideas and tips on how to keep your social media accounts growing too (unless you want us to manage them on your behalf then you don't need to worry about that)

It doesn't matter if you're a local shop, cafe, restaurant or a mobile hairdresser, handyman, accountant or Tattooist - we will be able to help you. We love getting creative so if you have no idea on colour schemes, logos and fonts we love a challenge or if you know what you want tell us and we will make your site match your business.

We will do what we can so your business will stand out from the crowd. All of our websites are mobile friendly and easy to navigate as we design with the end user in mind and you can have anything you like as part of your website.

We can add e-commerce if you're selling products, a calendar for your customers to book appointments (linked directly to your email calendar), social media channel feeds, videos, sign up forms and even meeting booking forms. You name it - we can do it.

If your budget is tight but you require more complex needs on your website we can always help you get set up with your design, website and social media to get you live and then as business picks up we can add sections to your site as time goes on and you build your customer base.

We did exactly this with 'The Farmhouse'. A holiday let that wanted an online visibility but didn't want to accept bookings through their own website just yet but in a bout 1 years' time. We got the website designed and built for them to start generating interest and directing people to book through their preferred booking host but once that contract runs out they want their own booking system adding on to their site to manage themselves fully. We agreed a price at the start of the process and broke it down in to the price now for the design and build of the website then the second instalment that would be due once we implement their own online booking which will be due as and when they need that particular feature adding.

Although this image isn't actually us 😱 we are very flexible!

We understand things happen and we also appreciate the importance of a website for any business, no matter how big or small, so we will do all we can to help you in the best possible way.

We also understand that things change, plans change and visions change and we will be by your side throughout.

So there you have it... as a start up YOU DO need a website and YOU CAN afford to have your very own, stunning website to reflect your brand without the need to get a second mortgage. Why not get in touch with us today to have an informal chat about your needs and how we can help you like we have helped our other clients.

Have a great day, thank you for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon 😉

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