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We would like to welcome you all to our Blog!

This is the place you will be able to hear all about our latest news, special offers and the new sites we publish for our clients as they go live.

If there is anything new going on in the world of website magic that interests us - we will post about it here too!

A bit about us... We are passionate about helping business (small and large) to get the online presence they deserve at a price they can afford. The passion came about in 2009 when Phillipa needed a website for her new business and after getting 6 quotes from local designers realised that it was impossible for a new business to be able to afford the price for an essential website as it was more than the set up cost of the business.

As she is such a geek 🤓 and loves to learn she set about taking courses and diplomas to be able to build the website herself.

After a busy 3 months she completed all the courses she felt she needed to start and create her first website - just a simple little online shop front to get customers and to raise awareness of her products.

The website went live and it worked a dream. Over time she helped friends and family with any website needs and built a few for them including a cake website for her sister-in-law (who does the most amazing cakes by the way!) and realised that whilst her own little business was ticking over nicely she loved to build and design websites. Seeing a website coming to life and having the creative flair really clicked and a new web designer was born.

She did a few websites at a heavily discounted rate for friends of friends to get a portfolio together and, of course, she continued with her learning.

She completed many courses and diplomas in web design, social media marketing, promotion and advertising, online reputation management, and fundamentals of web design.

The years trotted on and she met Nina at a networking group. Like any fairy tale would go, Phillipa and Nina got on great, had very similar interests in web design and they got chatting. Phillipa was considering a re-brand of her web design business and their skills went hand in hand together.

Nina loves to design but not websites though! She is great at Photoshop and can product print ready documents for anything. She is also really handy with Social Media so she runs all of our social media between her design work.

This duo is perfect because they both have a similar vision and can see where the other one is leading with an idea or design and between them they can offer a full service to their clients which proves popular, especially with our start-ups as we can help them with everything when starting a new business.

FeatheredWeb also holds a trade account with a large UK based printing firm so if you don't have a printer in mind for all your materials then we can help with a very competitive quote.

Oscar is a key member of our team. he is in the office with us daily and keeps us happy, calm and occasionally pre-occupied if he feels that day should be a 'play day'. Dogs are brilliant for mental health (so we've read) and he is no exception. A rescue dog as a youngster he really does keep us and any visitors to the office happy and grounded.

Now you know a little history about us, if you're a start up or a veteran business looking for a website get in touch with us today! We can help you if you're looking for a new site to replace an old, outdated site or if you're just starting out so please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you all soon.

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