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The Process

We offer a full, end to end design service. At the consultation stage we will gather all the information we need to get started with our research for your website. We will find out your motivation for wanting a website and your end goal. Is it to get more leads, sell more products, or generate interest and let people know you are local?

We always conduct a detailed research phase so we can truly understand your industry and services, so we can make the best impact on your website. Obviously, if there is something in particular you offer that makes you stand out then let us know!

Personal Desk
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This is the first and one of the most important phases for us. During the consultation phase we learn all about you and your company. What you offer, what makes you tick, the back story of your business, what motivates you, and where you want your business to be.

We will ask about your logo and colour scheme ideas, the sort of design you are looking for, whether it is fun or classic, striking or corporate, and the way you would like the site to be laid out. If you are unsure it is no problem,that's what we're here for!


Now we have an idea of your business we will research your sector and industry so when we build your site we are informed, and your product or service comes across to your customers as it should.

We will keep in contact with you throughout this stage so we know we are on the right track with our ideas and you are always in the loop.


Now we go quiet for a little while! We will plan and design your site and get to work building it. Depending on the size of your site, and whether it has products or not, the time-frame will vary at this point. If you would like an update, please feel free to drop us a message or phone call to see how we are getting along.


We will give you a call to let you know the initial plan and design is done and ready for you to have your first sneak peek. We will email you a site preview link so you can view your site as if it were a live site. Through this link you can add your own comments and feedback directly on to the site pages, that get sent straight back to us, which eliminated any confusion.


After you have previewed your new site and sent us any feedback, change requests, amendments or anything you want adding, moving or removing, we will then take care of those for you and let you know when a new feedback link is ready for you to look at.

This stage will repeat as many times as you need it to until the site is EXACTLY how you wanted it and how you envisaged it would be.


Once you are happy with the design, layout, content, etc, and you've confirmed you are happy with the end result, we will get your SEO sorted. This is what tells Google who you are and to get you featured in Google results)

We will link and add your social media channels for you, make sure the mobile version of your site is looking good, set up Google Analytics so we can see the traffic your site gets over time, and add any finishing touches or tweaks


What more is there to say about this stage? It is our favorite stage as this is the most rewarding part. We get to see your new site going live online! We will post about it across our social media, you can tell all your friends, family and customers about it, and get traffic driving to your new site!

Take the first step towards your new website